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Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Birds (Animated Short) Mary Magdalene: First at the Tomb The Beanheads: The Beanbag Plot The Book of Revelation zoetifex Studios

Products and Services


Animation - 2D/3D

How real do you want it to look? Our tag line is “imagine it Real” - if it can be imagined - we can bring it to life!


Visual Effects

Title Sequences, Compositing, Digital Matte Painting, Environments, Liquids, Fire and other Earthly natural phenomenon elements.


Creative Concepts/Writing

Providing the total screenplay for animation, live-action, gaming and just about all media.


Voice-Overs/Audio Production

We take special care to blend the best possible audio experience in order to do justice to the
concept and the script.



Our visualization team is eager to take on any creative concept challenges and ideas for your products and services.



From our soon-to-be animation studio to our custom Faith-based educational material, we don't just entertain - we educate as well.

"We are not setting out to be just another animation studio. One that produces low-budget or low-quality programming. Our goal is to produce entertaining, inspiritive programs of quality, that can compete with the biggest names in the industry" 
- zoetifex Studios

Targeted Industries



We will cover all areas of production including TV, Theaters, Blur-Ray/DVD, Digital Download and Online Streaming Media.



zoetifex is looking to capture a small percent of what the industry is forecast to produce by 2015 which is $111 billion.



zoetifex will focus on enhancing our productions by creating educational tools that authenticate our storylines and further expand the reach of our productions.

Watch our Alfred Hitchcock Short

This was only a demo piece and not production work. However, we feel it is a great showcase piece for us.

Watch on YouTube