About zoetifex Studios

About Zoetifex

Zoetifex is emerging as a studio that specializes in High Quality 2D and 3D Animation, Live-Action Film, Digital Visual Effects and other Media for broadcast, DVD, theater and video games. Creative story lines, captivating characters and educating while entertaining is what we are all about. We aim to produce the highest quality animation and visual effects possible, at a much lower budget than that of other studios of similar quality. Our focus will be on stories with either a positive, uplifting or faith-based message. We like to classify them as Inspiritive.

Over the years, viewing audiences have become more and more familiar with the quality and style of animation studios such as Pixar, DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney. They've come to expect such high quality in their animation entertainment that anything less just won’t do. Still, no one has attempted to offer this type of animation for faith-based movies. We look at this as a wide blue ocean just waiting to be sailed upon. And with the vast experience that our animators and artists have in working at big studios such as these, zoetifex is poised to make this happen.

We feel there are several things going on in mainstream entertainment that are proving that there is a greater desire for this type of content. Movies like Up, The Blind Side, Courageous and Soul Surfer have all experienced success at the box office and in DVD sales. Another great example is the TV show Duck Dynasty being as popular as it is without having any immoral content, and presented a family-friendly and faith-based influence. The fact that these productions are so popular is a major statement that shows people like inspiritive content in their entertainment.

Although we have several industries that we will serve besides Film and TV (such as corporations, sports, education, faith-based organizations and others), we seek to produce Inspiritive content in both animation and live action programs - more along the lines of Dreamworks, Sony Imageworks and Disney. But no matter what the delivery vehicle, our objective is to create high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards and do this all at a much more affordable price.