We're still rolling full steam ahead with the story narrative. Legal documents are in play as well - just waiting to get them under wraps and then we can officially start talking about the film. Sorry we have had to keep it hush hush this long - and I hope you find it worth the wait when we reveal it to you.

I had a very good writing week while working on the narrative. Got act 1 all laid out and I will be working on act two this weekend.

I'll be on TechVibe Radio next month talking about the future of zoetifex and, pending we have all of the legal stuff wrapped up on the movie, I'll be talking about that too. TechVibe Radio is a radio show produced by the Pittsburgh Technology Council and airs every Saturday at Noon on 104.7 FM here in Pittsburgh. You can listen to it live on iHeartRadio and at http://www.wpbg.com - so there is no excuse to miss the show :)

Skype creative sessions will resume the first week of August. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Cheers all!