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The 2006 world-wide blockbuster movie based on the best selling novel "The DaVinci Code" captured the imagination of millions around the world with its curious claims about Mary Magdalene and her role in the gospel accounts about Jesus. What is the secret of the fascination Dan Brown tapped into respecting this pivotal and beautiful character, the first witness to behold the resurrected Christ?

While Dan Brown intuited that there was some great mystery surrounding her, the true story of Mary Magdalene, derived from the accounts of the four gospels, is far more intriguing than Dan Brown imagined. Unfortunately, Christians did little to capture this interest, doing little more than refuting Brown’s suggestion of a physical relationship between Jesus and Mary.

But her true story is fantastic and filled with the redemption of the gospel. It is waiting to be told in truth. It promises to evoke a massive response far greater than The DaVinci Code!

Mary’s story is centered in the gospels around her role as the first to see the risen Savior. The evangelists John and Luke frame their accounts of Mary to tell three stories, all of which highlight her redemption, for we are told that Jesus cast seven demons out of her. There was nothing more degraded than the spiritual uncleanness she had known. But John tells us about the resurrection of Jesus through her eyes!

John suggests that Mary Magdalene sees a vision of nothing less than the Holy of Holies and the holy Ark of the Covenant! The blood stained clothes, the wonder of overshadowing angels, had become the Mercy Seat where sin was put away forever!

What imaginations the gospel writers had to see the role of Mary in the redemption of God! Mary, once defiled by seven unclean demons was made to represent the purity of Eve, the chastity of the Virgin Mother, and the holiness of all the High Priests of Israel! This is the true story of Mary Magdalene--a set of three portraits far more beautiful than anything a mere earthly writer could ever imagine!