Feature Film, 3D Animation

The Book of Revelation is one of the most discussed books in the Bible. It has been (at times) quoted, misquoted, ignored, misused, inspirational, prophetic, confusing, and revealing.

Many movies have been made about what the “end of times” will be like (Left Behind, The Moment After, Revelation Road). But nobody has yet to capture (in cinema) the visions of Jesus Christ that God revealed to John. Whatever your interpretation of Revelation is, there is no denying that the visions were spectacular to say the least. That is why zoetifex Studios sees this as their greatest challenge. To tell a compelling story about John and the visions he was given about coming events - the end of times and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

We know this will be at least a 5-6 year endeavor, but if we get it right, we hope that it will be the film by which people identify us.

Not since Disney’s Fantasia have people remarked about the stunning visuals in an animated film. We look to draw from that history and emotions behind such spectacular visions, while at the same time tell an engaging story, and educate people of the true meaning of the last book in the Bible.

Everyone at zoetifex Studios is very excited to begin work on this project.