Television, 3D Animation

Return with us to the days before television entered the homes of the American families - when radio was king. Families tuned into comedy shows like Abbott and Costello, Amos and Andy, Burns and Allen and The Jack Benny Show. They tuned into Western shows like Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, The Cisco Kid and The Lone Ranger. Sci-Fi, Dramas, Police Shows even Soap Operas - they could all be found around the dial, throughout the day.

Radio Reboot Show is a show that will appeal to people of all ages. Kids will love the visuals, and get to hear shows that their grandparents grew up with. Adults will love a show that ties the bonds between their parents and their kids, and recall the nostalgia listening to reruns of these shows on late-night radio. Radio Reboot Show will have the unique opportunity to even gain the viewership of some seniors who want to see the shows that they grew up with, come to life on television, in a way they could have never dreamed of as a child. We’re not saying that this will be a big chunk of the demographics, but tests from our Alfred Hitchcock short have been very positive among seniors.