TV, Live Action, CG FX

Based on feedback from those who have been exposed to the premise of this show, Point Pleasant is probably the most anticipated project that we will work on. This show has something for everyone.

Point Pleasant is based on actual events that expose the true story surrounding the controversial legend of The Mothman that took place in 1966 in Point Pleasant WV.

This show will cover topics such as Government conspiracies/cover-ups, Sci-Fi, 1960’s period, American History, Ancient Alien theories, Men in Black, Urban Legends, Archangels, Gospel Scriptures and more.

Intended as a new concept single season series, the 36 episode season will reveal (over time) the Biblical ties to the events that have taken place.

Most people don’t know the full story of The Mothman, and thanks to an Internet "After Show" that will feature actual witnesses and historians of Point Pleasant, the audience will soon find themselves seeking the truth.