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zoetifex Studios is partnering with New York Times Best-selling author Michael Garland to bring two of his books to life. The first is Christmas Magic.

A Little Christmas Magic is about a shy little girl named Emily who has always loved Christmas Eve and when a shy boy moves in next door, Emily thinks it would be great to have a new friend. Since he seems too shy, Emily decides to build herself a Snow Woman to have as a friend and names her Katrina.

At bedtime, Emily is awoken by a stir to find her cat and dog have somehow learned how to sing "Jingle Bells," and that a rowdy crowd of mice are baking pies in the kitchen. Outside, the snow-woman Emily built earlier in the day, and the next door neighbor’s snowman have come to life! But Emily soon finds out that Katrina is having problems meeting the Snowman next door. So Emily helps her overcome her shyness and soon all three are dancing under the colorful, magical Christmas moonlit night.

After a wonderful night, Emily returns to her home and fall asleep in the living room. In the morning, Emily is woken up by her parents and seeing all of the presents around and the stockings stuffed, she wondered if last night was just a dream. The only way to find out was to go out and see.

Outside, she is met by the boy next door and they are both amazed to see the snow people standing side by side. Emily knew that it really was magic that brought Katrina and the snowman to life. But it was her ability to help Katrina with her shyness that allowed her to deal with her own, as well as start a new friendship.