So I have to confess, I was a little nervous about how my Narrative for the opener would go over with the rest of the team, especially Dr. Gage. But he gave me a great compliment in saying that he thought it was a really great start. I had a few inaccurate sequence of events in there, but hey - I'm trying to put together one cohesive story from four accounts, so... Plus I'm not a Theologian - that's what Dr. Gage is there for.

One funny event from the night was when he told me to be careful not to stray too far from the story or pin myself into an area of contradiction. I said that would be impossible to do, because nothing will be finalized without his blessing on the story. We can't go wrong :)

Anyway, the more we talked about how to shape up the story that I had laid out, the more clear the visions started to come to me again. This is going to be such a powerful movie I really can't wait to get started with it. I just wish we were doing this as a feature film, but I'm a little glad we aren't because we would be scrambling to stretch the content and that would not be good.

My next round of writing went even better than my first and last night I was actually able to finish a full first draft of the outline of the story. I really like how it reads but I guess we'll find out next week whether I missed anything or not. I'm sure I did. And even if I didn't, there's always room for improvement. So I can't wait for the feedback to begin so we can start shaping this into the finished product.

I really didn't think we would be as far as we at this point. Must be the hand of God! :)