I can't believe it, but in just 6 sessions, we have completed the narrative for the story. Well, I actually had the first draft done before the 6th session, but it was just open for discussion and clearly not done. But after this session (and before the next), I can say that the narrative sessions are wrapping and the script writing sessions are about to begin.

As I mentioned last time, we are looking to get some illustrations done in the coming weeks. It's one thing to be dreaming this up in your head - where it's virtually vivid. But the real magic happens when you can actually see the visions in front of you - for real!

Going to keep this post short. We have another session coming up in a few days, and I want to come away with this session in agreement that the narrative is done so we can focus on the next phases. Always good to see progress being made regardless.

Thanks again for your support!