Well, it's been a super busy last few weeks. Lacey, Josh and myself have not been able to meet due to scheduling conflicts, but we knew this would happen before we started. That doesn't mean that we are not progressing. We have been in communication and in fact, it looks like primary writing of the first draft could be completed as early as this week. But don't get too excited, we still have a lot of work to do in order to shape this script up into a screenplay that can be used to make the movie. So we still need your prayers that God continues to guide us to the finish line with the best story that we can tell that will do Lacey's story justice.

That being said, there is still some excitement about getting to this point. It's been a lot of writing. Without a doubt, the longest script I've ever written. So that also means that there is going to be a lot of tough decisions made in order to cut the script down to a usable feature-length film. And that's not going to be easy. But I'm confident it will get done soon. I know "soon" is ambiguous at best, but it's the best word I can offer up right now.

The biggest challenge to writing this story so far has been trying to make it different and getting creative with making it flow in a way that will keep the audience engaged. We set out to make sure that the story we tell will not be like other biopic movies that have been told. So it has to be creative, but the viewer has to also be able to follow the story and in the end, root for Lacey. But I've always said that I love a challenge. Succeeding will just mean that we have created something very special for people to enjoy as much as we will enjoy watching it when it's produced.

We have to work in-between some busy schedules again this week. But after 9 weeks we have made so much progress from putting the story together and writing the script that it just feels like a huge accomplishment. But we need you to hang in there a little while longer. Although I can't wait to write the words "The End" in the script, those words hardly signify that the work is over. In fact, that just signifies that we are about to begin the next phase.

Until next time...