Hey, I know it’s been a while folks, but a lot of you have been inquiring wanting to know what’s going on with the Lacey Sturm story. First, let me say that I have not stopped working on writing. The last time I checked in on here I gave the announcement that the first draft was finished. It was actually more like version 1.5 as I had a bit of a re-start, but I digress. After that, Lacey and Josh have been focused on their Reflect Love Back ministry, and Lacey went out on a mini-tour. Throw in some other projects and home and family life and you can see how some time can pass by.

Last month, we wanted to get back together to start to regroup and focus on the story once again. So we gathered at a local Chick-fil-A (what, isn’t that where everyone goes to talk about writing screenplays for movies?) and started to go through the opening of the script. We actually made great progress but the Holidays were upon us, so we had to once again put things to the side to be with friends a family and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior.

After ringing in the New Year, we all wanted to get back on track to focus on getting the next version of the script finished. Since then we have gathered a few times and so far we have been very productive. We are already 1/3 of the way through the script and the changes that are being made are amazing. I’m really trying to make sure that Lacey’s voice is heard in this story and by going over what I originally wrote, that’s exactly what’s happening here. And so far, we are all pretty satisfied with what we have to this point.

Just so you know what to expect, once we get through this draft of the script, my job will be to comb through it a few more times to clean up dialogue and to make sure that every scene we have in the script is of value from Lacey’s point of view and from an entertainment point of view.

I’m also very excited because, along our journey, we’ve had a few prominent people express interest in getting involved with the project. I’m not going to drop names at this point - are you crazy? But I will say that it gives me a lot of confidence to believe that God definitely has His hands in all of this, and when this film is made, it will be successful and impactful. So please keep praying for us! Pray that God continues to open doors and bring the right people into the fold. People who can help in areas that we just don’t have the ability to do on our own. And that we keep Him in our sites at all times so we can be clearly guided on telling His story, which was given through Lacey.

That’s all for now. I’ll check back in with everyone when we wrap on this round.
Blessings to all!