I know this is only the second week of the Sturms and myself working together, but because I have been chipping away at ideas for months, a lot of progress has been made for just 2 weeks worth of work. I know that the bulk of you who follow along with this Production Blog, you are interested in the process and maybe get some inside information on the story. Well, I can't (or more accurately won't) divulge any secrets or hints at the story (you'll just have to wait like everyone else), but I can walk you through what the process is like to build a story like this.

I've worked with all kinds of content before. Stories made up from scratch, stories inspired by other existing content, Biblical stories that needed to come to life in script format, children's books that needed to be expanded into a full script, and now a Biopic piece where there is a full story sitting there, it just needs to be told in cinematic form.

The first step for this process is to get as familiar as possible with the story. In my case, I consumed each chapter of this book 3 times. I've also heard Lacey give her testimony several different times online. She's very passionate and consistent with her testimony. Then, I go through the book, page by page, and take notes on everything that I think would be interesting for the script and important to the story. The next step would be to have Lacey fill in the blanks on some events that didn't make it into the book. (I will add this - there are some gems that will be in the movie that are not in the book - so there's your little teaser). And then we need to go through all of the notes that I've taken, and carefully decide what is important and what is not important to include in the script, and then begin writing. Once the first draft is done, it then needs to be examined for places to cut it down to a reasonable length (if necessary), and also find out what parts are working and which ones are not. Then make the needed adjustments, and 4-6 versions later you should have a final script.

So where are we in the process? We are about 60% through the narrative of the story. And for only 2 weeks of work, that is great. In the next week or two, we should be done with this process and then cut it down to start writing on the script.

We are looking to do a press release this coming week, so stay tuned for that. I'll probably include a link here on the zoetifex Production Blog.

Until then...