I first have to kick things off with a few comments. First, I sincerely appreciate all of the kind words from everyone online and even through email. A lot of you want to know when the movie will be out and are excited to see it. To be clear, we are just now working out the details of the story and then the script writing begins. And after that, a whole lot more needs to happen before this goes into production. So please keep us in your prayers. God's timing is always perfect, so this will all come together on His watch, not ours. Still we are moving along nicely.

Second, I'm getting questions about the story and such - even from close friends and family. Please don't be upset, but I am not giving out any information on the story - to anyone! :). If you want to know more about this story, I once again tell you to please buy her book and read it or listen to it. And once again I'll say - I am not getting any kickbacks from this promo. The story is out there for you to know. We are just bringing it to life in the form of a movie.

Now... on with the update!

Week 3 kicked off with our Press Release. This message went out to over 600 media outlets in North America (including Canada) and over 200 overseas media outlets that have news bases here in the US. So you can say that the news of this project has reached around the world. Click Here to view the Press Release.

Due to the Holidays, Lacey, Josh and I were not able to meet in person. However, thanks to technology and our shared desire to use Apple technology, we were able to hold a very successful FaceTime writing session.

Over the last three weeks, one thing has become perfectly clear - this is a true collaboration effort to tell this story. This is not my writing a story that gets Lacey's approval. She has not only clued me in on some great stories that were not part of the book, but would make for great scenes in this movie, but she is also contributing visions that she has seen on how scenes should be represented and creative suggestions on the events. Josh has had input as well, especially when Lacey needs a little help recalling certain events. So trust me, the message we are getting out there about this being a collaboration are 100% accurate.

We have progressed the narrative to about 3/4 of the way through the book. So, this coming week should get us to the finish line. After the narrative is finished (to our liking), we will then carefully and deliberately go through the notes to make sure that we are pulling the absolute best parts of the story that we feel will connect with the viewing audience while making sure that Lacey's story is told in true fashion.

Until next week...