Great progress was made on the script writing this first week. Based on the notes that were taken while putting the story together, I'm estimating that I should be able to write between 130-150 pages initially. But this is way too long. On average, 1 page of script equals about 1 minute of dialogue/action on the screen. And for a movie such as this, a good target would be to come in around 1 Hour and 50 minutes in final, edited length. So that's about 110-115 pages. So even when the first draft is done, you can see that there is a lot of content that will have to be trimmed to get to that target time. But when you set out to write a first draft, you're not too worried about how many pages you will initially write, unless you are falling very short of your mark. Then you need to get creative to create extra content to get you to the mark. Don't think that will be an issue here.

The goal was to get this first draft done by the end of August, which was seven weeks of writing. That averages about 22 pages per week. My aggressive goal was to do between 25-30 per week. That's in case some weeks were lighter than others. Well, this first week I was able to crank out 40 pages! The scenes were really flowing together, and I was really pleased with the progress. Although I know not everything I'm writing is going to be in the final script, I think there is a lot of great stuff here that will remain. But the main goal of this task is to put the whole story that we just created into a script that makes sense from a movie perspective (which is very different than writing a book).

This doesn't mean that every week will have the same success. I pray that it does. But it does make me very optimistic about getting this done on time, and perhaps a little earlier than anticipated. Which would be great because then we can get into rewrites a lot earlier too.

So that's about all for this week. Just please keep praying that the visions for this story keep coming to me and that I'm able to capture it just right and do it great justice. I appreciate all of the wonderful messages that have been sent my way in regards to this movie, and I especially appreciate the prayers you have been offering up. Don't stop!! :)

Until next week...