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Well, last night's meeting was rather brief - but at the same time, very exciting. After some final tweaks to the verbiage and clarification of the storyline, we have reached the end of the Narrative phase. In essence, the storyline is complete! We now head into the script writing phase.

We were hoping to get some money in this week that could be used for character development and some other work, however it seems as though that's being delayed. So, in an effort to keep things moving along without funds in the door, Sam and I are going to be writing the initial script and when it's done, we will hand it off to a professional for final clean-up. One can only hope that this phase will go as smoothly as the first. It's still unbelievable how much progress we are making up to this point. It's pretty awesome! Now, can't wait to get the illustrations going. We're probably going to have to find a way to get those done sooner rather than later - it's going to be imperative.

Hopefully by this time next week we will have made some advancements in the script. So stay 'tooned'!

I can't believe it, but in just 6 sessions, we have completed the narrative for the story. Well, I actually had the first draft done before the 6th session, but it was just open for discussion and clearly not done. But after this session (and before the next), I can say that the narrative sessions are wrapping and the script writing sessions are about to begin.

As I mentioned last time, we are looking to get some illustrations done in the coming weeks. It's one thing to be dreaming this up in your head - where it's virtually vivid. But the real magic happens when you can actually see the visions in front of you - for real!

Going to keep this post short. We have another session coming up in a few days, and I want to come away with this session in agreement that the narrative is done so we can focus on the next phases. Always good to see progress being made regardless.

Thanks again for your support!

I keep expecting some little hiccup along the way during the creation of Mary Magdalene, but so far I keep saying how I have never worked on a project that was so productive so fast. We are now more than half-way through the narrative of the story and from Dr. Gage's perspective, we are still right in line with scripture. I keep thinking that we're going to have to do something to add to the story to spice it up a bit - make it more entertaining. But honestly, the actual story is so very interesting and entertaining by itself. When we are all done with the narrative, we will look it over and see if it needs anything - but only as long as it doesn't take away from the truth. There are some things that can be assumed based on scripture, but it's best not to guess at things. But that doesn't mean you still don't get creative. Mary was healed of 7 demons according to the gospels, but it doesn't give any details of what took place there. But there is enough in the Bible about other exorcisms that Jesus performed for us to get creative enough to tell that part of the story. And what's being told is probably the most riveting part of the movie.

I have no doubt that there will be problems during the production - there always are - so I'm a realist. However, I have nothing to complain about with the start of this production. We probably have about another week or so on the narrative. After that we are going to work on some concept art and begin the musical score by a well-known Grammy Award winning artist. We won't want to give too much away to the public, but we'll reveal what we can to all the zonuts out there. After all - you guys deserve it :)

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