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Phil Vischer - Founder of Veggie Tales

Kids are the future. What good does it do to make "feel good" Christian Films if the kids are getting forgotten along the way? They will be adults too someday so if there is to be a future of successful Christian Films, we need to pay attention to the children and give them something worthwhile to watch. If they continue to fill their heads with junk, by the time they are adults, they will have no interest in Christian Films.

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Russell Wolfe - ALS Message

In November of 2013, I was introduced to Russell Wolfe by a good friend of mine Buzz Gardner. Buzz connected us because zoetifex was looking to partner with people with the same endeavors that we had when it came to making Inspiritive Films. Russell is the founder of Pure Flix which has produced some great movies, including the hit movie God’s Not Dead.

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Michael Kadrie makes another appearance on TechVibe Radio (Saturday's at Noon on 104.7FM - Pittsburgh) to talk about the studios new direction and call for investors. Teasers of future projects and a new Studio being built in Pittsburgh.

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